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Full spectrum mobile app development services

We understand your challenges across business functions and recognize your company values. Our aim is to bring your ideas to life through our full-spectrum mobile app development services combined with our extensive industry experience that covers a wide array of industries with an international client base, predominantly in the USA and UK. Our mobile app development services include:

Cross Platform

Android is hands down the platform with the widest user base. Thanks to its gifted team of developers, Arpatech has managed to craft cutting-edge Android apps not only enhances your brand image, but also exceeds your expectations. We are totally aware of what it takes in the best mobile phone app development service to create apps that offer amazing user experience.

PearTech has a pool of iOS app developers to meet all your iOS app development needs. 

We take into account iOS app optimization and lead it through stages of testing and implementation adding features requested by clients through feedback mechanism. Peartech strives to achieve perfection in every mobile phone application development project taken onboard. And that’s the reason every iOS mobile phone app that we’ve developed is a masterpiece.

They are not much different in terms of construction but their USP lies in functionality. Hybrid apps are coded in programming languages like Dart, JavaScript or HTML. The hybrid mobile app is then ‘enveloped’ within some native container.

This feature and aspect never compromise the overall performance of the app but simply makes it apt for multiple platforms. In some cases, hybrid apps are custom-made from and this process is more time consuming. They offer a better alternative over native apps which may also take similar time for development.

Our Mobile Application Development Process begins with fluid customer journeys in mind. We know it’s not only about Mobile App Development that put checks on your requirements, but an experience that your user can cherish for a long time and that’s what we strive to achieve here at PearTech.

Our Mobile Application
Development Process

Working with Peartech, you ensure predictably successful results each time. Our streamlined and thorough processes keep us competitive.
InvoZone strives to optimize the mobile app development process to make sure your time and investment are utilized most efficiently. By simplifying our strategies, we make outsourcing mobile application development the best experience for you and your customers.

Mobile App Development
Tools and Technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile apps development usually costs from $2,000 to $50,000. But it all depends on the type and complexity of the application. There are apps that can be built without any cost if DIY and there are also apps that may cost over $100,000. So it’s always better to get the estimated price from the vendor before outsourcing.

Cross-platform mobile app development allows developers to create a unified API on top native app SDKs and develop android and iOS apps that share the same code base. Usually, Flutter, React Native and Ionic are used to develop a cross-platform mobile app.

Native mobile apps are particularly developed for specific mobile operating systems such as Android OS, Apple iOS. In short, native mobile app development means developing multiple OS versions of the same product with different codebases. Apps developed for Android OS will not work on Apple iOS and vice-versa.

Yes, you can develop your own mobile application using many DIY platforms available online. However, these apps will usually have general features available on the platform. If you want to build an app with specific features you will either need to have coding skills or you can hire mobile app developers to do it for you.